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Grow your revenue by partnering with 

We provide a proven sales generation platform that helps companies get qualified leads online by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and also strengthen their follow-up process. All our clients increased their sales during the past year and many saw a doubling of revenue in 90 days or less. 

Our proven sales enablement platform is the perfect vehicle for your sales growth as a secondary or even primary service to sell. 

Ideal for:

* Web agencies

* Ad agencies

* Design agencies

* Independent entrepreneurs

We offer unique benefits to our Partners including several streams of active and passive income. 

- sell our platform with a high permanent recurrent commission for the length of the contract with the client

- add sub-resellers and earn a percentage of the revenue they generate

- participate in the Partner Equity Plan

We also offer a white-label option.  

Join the sales technology revolution today!

"We have had enormous success with Since day one we saw an increase in sales and lead generation." 

Rodny Araya, CEO, TechniFences

"The team have been a valuable partner."

Stephen Strichart, Ph.D. Mangrum-Strichart Learning Resources, New York

"We have had years long relationship and I am sure there are no better partners to work with."

Mark Seligman, Spoken Translation

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